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My name is Annabelle Hayes and I am a Certified Personal Trainer. As an individual I have always been active in sports and began my weight lifting journey in 2015. At the age of 18, I started growing an immense social media following inspiring individuals around the world to change and improve their everyday health.

I believe that fitness, nutrition, and mental health all work together as one for the achievement of an individual or client. As a personal trainer one of the most important things is helping my clients learn proper forms, fitness techniques and how to incorporate exercise into their everyday life. There are so many reasons why people choose to exercise. Whether you want to improve your sport performance, lose weight, gain weight, build muscle or look and feel better I can help you achieve your goals!

Social Media Handle: @Bellsebobo

Credentials: Certified ISSA Personal Trainer, Canadian Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid





I was always athletic growing up by participating in ballet, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, volleyball and track. Whether it was in school or on my personal time, I loved keeping myself physically active but I didn't start weight lifting until 2015 after I graduated high school. I went to college and the gym became my happy place and my form of relief. I didn't start weight lifting because I wanted to look a certain way, it was because at the time I was so stressed with college and with my personal life that it became my outlet for anything if I was stressed, depressed, happy, sad, etc. The gym legitimately became my playground that I could spend 2- 4 hours just working out. 

What motivates me and keeps me going are the results. Once you see the results it truly becomes an addiction, even if it was little... to me it was still progress. I began researching more about nutrition and training then eventually realized the passion I had for fitness & health. Girls on social media started asking me questions about how I was able to transform my body and that’s when I said to myself I wanted to help other people reach their fitness goals. Present day I am continuously learning and working on improving myself both mentally and physically.